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Experience is not what happens to you. It is what you do with what happens to you. (Aldous Huxley)

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Aesthetics in Experience Design

On 12, Nov 2014 | No Comments | In News and Events | By Peter

Prof. Koskinen Ilpo

Koskinen: there’s a lively debate about the role of aesthetics in design research.

What would a former sociologist bring to the table of experience design?

With a PhD in Sociology, Dr. Ilpo Koskinen from PolyU’s School of Design in Hong Kong dived into design research because he believes that it brings more fun. Besides industrial design, his newfound research interest is service and community design. He specializes in design methodology.

Observations on Aesthetics in Experience Design

In his presentation at the XD Conference, Koskinen will look at how design researchers deal with aesthetics in their work by comparing it with recent discussions in collaborative/participatory art.

His paper Observations on Aesthetics in Experience Design reviews several recent cases of community-oriented design research, providing an initial mapping of how design researchers work with aesthetics.

He argues that although aesthetics generates minimal discussion in contemporary experience design, there’s in fact a lively debate about its role in design research if we look at theoretical and methodological commitments that animate recent work.

Short bio of Ilpo Koskinen

Ilpo Koskinen moved to Hong Kong to join PolyU’s School of Design in August 2014 after many years of teaching and research at the Department of Design of Aalto University in Helsinki, Finland. He published Design Research through Practice (Burlington, MA: Morgan Kaufmann, 2011), in addition to more than 100 papers, conference papers, and books.

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