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Experience is not what happens to you. It is what you do with what happens to you. (Aldous Huxley)

Welcome to the homepage of the Experience Design-concentration of the Master of Visual Arts (MVA)-programme of the Academy of Visual Arts. This is our home on the web, and here you can find all the recent news and activities in connection with our programme. Please take a look, and make sure to come back.

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Papers invited for presentation

On 11, Nov 2014 | No Comments | In News and Events | By Cathy

The following proposed papers were invited for presentation at the conference was based on the outcomes of a double-blind peer-review, and subsequently confirmed by the conference’s Programme Committee in its meeting on 15 September 2014:

Designing for Experiences: Meaning Making through Synthesising by Design
Jenny Althoff, and Hlin Helga Gudlaugsdottir
Konstfack, University College of Arts Crafts and Design, Stockholm, Sweden

Towards a Common Framework to Operate with: Mediating Experience Design and Architecture
Dr. Hakan Anay, Dr. Meltem Anay, and Dr. Ülkü Özten
Department of Architecture, Eskisehir Osmangazi University, Eskisehir, Turkey

Montage of Attractions 2.0
Peter Benz
Academy of Visual Arts, HKBU, Hong Kong

Rethinking the Interior Design User Journey
Cotter Christian, and Frances Gain
Interior Design Department, Savannah College of Art and Design, Hong Kong

Sociocultural Augmentation and the Design of Collaborative Experience: A Case Study of a Next Generation Context-Activated Wearable
Raune Frankjaer
Computer Science Faculty, University of Applied Sciences, Trier, Germany

Designing Experiences with Wearables: A case study exploring the blurring boundaries of art, design, technology, culture and distance
Dr. Rafael Gomez
School of Design, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia

Furniture as a Site’s Specific Object
Nevine Rafa Kusuma, and Enira Arvanda
Department of Architecture, Universitas Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia

Performing Hong Kong’s Identity: From Civic Square to Occupy Movement – A Spatial Perspective on Social Activism
Law Nga-Wing
Academy of Visual Arts, HKBU, Hong Kong

Place Pavilions: Experiencing Inhabitable Maps
Joshua Nason
School of Architecture, University of Texas, Arlington, USA

Exploring Food Consumption of Young Female Adults in New Zealand Using Behavioural Mapping
Bettina Neu, and Annabelle Nichols
School of Design, Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand

Village Hack: The Cultural Geography of Shenzhen Identities
Dr. Mary Ann O’Donnell
Shenzhen, China

Redefining the Role of the Public through the Design of Interactive Bus Stops
Liliana Ortega Garza, and Dr. Sara Adhitya
Civil, Environmental, and Geomatic Engineering Department, University College London, London, England

Designing for Experience: Models from the Museum’s Context
Dr. Toni Roberts
School of Media and Communication, RMIT, Melbourne, Australia

Understanding and Designing the Experience of Meals and their Psychological Consequences
Dr. Werner Sommer
Institute for Psychology, Humboldt-Universität, Berlin, Germany

Experience Design as Expectation Design and how Expectations Differentiate Experience Design from Art
Fernanda Torre
Stockholm, Sweden

Schlock and Awe
Dr. Matthew Turner
School of Design, Napier University, Edinburgh, Scotland

Atmosphere beyond Poetics. Conductive Environments and Fields of Engagement
Izabela Wieczorek
Aarhus School of Architecture, Denmark

The Programme Committee reserves the right to invite further speakers, depending on feedback of invitees and the continuing planning of the conference.