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Experience is not what happens to you. It is what you do with what happens to you. (Aldous Huxley)

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On 11, Dec 2012 | No Comments | In | By Cathy

Have a Seat

by Syna Lee

by Syna Lee

My urban intervention is to create sand spikes on beaches; small sand pyramids to cover part or the entire length of the site – to resemble the spikes under the bridges of HK – to visually communicate the absurdity of banning people from laying down (even) on the beach.

The objective is to create curiosity and frustration for beach goers, forcing them to think ‘What ! We can’t even sit / lay here !?!?!’

“ . .for if the intervention is to find its place, it must make us see what already exists in a new light” *zumthor

By taking HK’s signature ‘homeless-prevention-spikes-on-flat-ground-with-a-roof’ and marrying it with the iconic place to lay-down-and-enjoy-the-sun, the intention is simply to portray our street’s personality in a new light – with maximum contrast and amplification.

“ . . social critique . . . helps to identify social or institutional injustice, and to catalyse larger critical debates in search of a more responsible or sustainable procedures.” *kwon 2004

This intervention is a social critique, to bring to light the pending problem of our city’s unfriendliness with regards to urban seating and also possibly, the attitude towards the homeless. The ease of management is bought at the cost of what? Our ageing population, which is one of our city’s biggest growing concern, people with special needs, the general public, and in my personal case, as a mother-to-be, are feeling desperate on the streets, struggling with the simple basic need to rest our legs, take a break and catch a breath.

There is no better time to reclaim our streets and our spaces, for our basic need to rest and sit.

. . . Coming Soon in Summer 2013

The second phase of this intervention would be collaborative, where like-minded individuals: elderlies / families with children / mothers-to-be / special needs . . . will gather for a day at the beach and make sand spikes together. Participants will then be free to ‘reclaim’ their space by destroying all the sand spikes by playing and relaxing on the beach for the remaining of the day. Political figures / celebrity-mothers-to-be & celebrities / media / . . . . will help kick-off the event.

See you soon !

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