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Experience is not what happens to you. It is what you do with what happens to you. (Aldous Huxley)

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On 04, Dec 2012 | No Comments | In | By Cathy

Mimic Motion

by Dave Cho

by Dave Cho

Understanding visualization, brain and action

The relationship between the human brain, the visual and the action is a part of our lives. We will make countless acts everyday, and each act and move is being affected by the impact of this relationship, and repeatedly all the times.

Plants are human

I want to create a certain environment with human body as the focus into an ornamental plants, which those plants are human. We generally could see a lot of ornamental plants among our environment. Those flowers and trees are all having lives, they will growth, shake and move with the wind but not consciously. They have no brain to think. And what I hope to achieve is, to use transparent glass in a different environment, paste on a ruled mask in front with an illusion graphic on the back, people passed by will curious to appreciate the animated optical illusion while they will swing their bodies like a piece of plant.

The hidden wind

These people neatly standing, swaying with the ornamental illusion graphic, and the passed by will also watch these swaying people. These upright bodies standing unsteadily, look like a plant, however, plant is having no consciousness but human do have a conscious but work out like an unconscious thing, to compare this behavior between two (human and plant), which could also understand as using “consciousness” to replace the “wind”, I called this scenario the “hidden wind”.

The response of people to the apparatus

At first, people keep move the body to view the works, but when they have seen less than the clearest image, they started to swing more strong, and some may even ignore whether could see the image action to rush quickly toward the images to create their own way for a new illusion effects. The most interesting part is when I used the phone to show them a demo with a clearly optical illusion effect, they all feel very good but then spent no more look on the works. On the contrary, when they watched the unclear images on the glasses, they will stand a long time to watch instead, they always have the urge to rely on themselves to change for the image pop up, or even unconsciously move back and forth, swing left and swing right, try fast and slow, and only to know how the actual images should be produced. Some people really try to imitate the action of the images which I think is very cool that I have never expect.

I analyze and think actually what they are pursuing to stay for some time to watch these sequence animation? They do not just want to find out the correct position, to allow themselves to see the original image. Everyone stay in that position for a few minutes, they will begin to constantly change their action likely to create their own way of viewing the illusion, to create their own individual visual effects, at the same time, they are enjoying this kind of visual impact which will stimulate the brain.

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