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Experience is not what happens to you. It is what you do with what happens to you. (Aldous Huxley)

Welcome to the homepage of the Experience Design-concentration of the Master of Visual Arts (MVA)-programme of the Academy of Visual Arts. This is our home on the web, and here you can find all the recent news and activities in connection with our programme. Please take a look, and make sure to come back.

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On 17, Apr 2013 | No Comments | In | By Cathy

Ice-cinerary casket

by Mandy Wong

by Mandy Wong

The ice-cinerary casket bases on the concept of burial at sea. Usually, flowers may be dropped with the ashes together according to the last process of the ceremony. However, there is a restriction of burial at sea, which is the wind direction has to be taken under consideration before burial to ensure a smooth procedure. Once, the direction of the wind is not under control, the ashes would be thrown everywhere. The traditional cinerary casket would not be allowed to be dropped with the ashes as it is not water-soluble. If the cinerary casket is made out of water-soluble material, which can add an elegant touch to the event at the same time, so that all the ashes can be put in it and the direction of the wind would not be an issue anymore.
If the cinerary casket is made out of ice, which is a solid form of water and low cost relatively, it would be allowed to dropped in the burial location (ocean/sea). When the ice gets melted, it could be just part of the ocean.

The shape of the ice-cinerary casket would be one of the considerable elements. Shell, fish, flower, whatever is related to the ocean and memorable object (like heart-shaped) can be the reference shapes.

1. After the ice-cinerary casket is made, it needs to be put in a foam box in order to keep it frozen in a proper temperature
2. The foam box with the ice-cinerary casket should be kept in the hand carry freezer all the way to ship before the client was told to take it out.
3. The staff would tell the client to take out the ice-cinerary casket from the foam box and slide it to the sea.
4. When petals and the ice-cinerary casket are dropped to the sea at the same time, the whole scene would be created (Climax).
5. Let the ice-cinerary casket be melted gradually till the whole ceremony is finished.

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by Stanley Sin

by Stanley Sin

A baby body was born , started to study at 5 years old, prepared for secondary school at 10 . struggled for a job at 20 , married at 30 . At 40 , his children studied in school . At 50 , his children entered the society. At 60 , he was still working . At 70 , he is sitting in an armchair and looking back his life. At 80, …
I am inspired by the article “Gradualness” (漸) by Feng Zikai (豐子愷). From birth to death , we are under the effect of Gradualness . The essence of Gradualness is time . Gradualness makes life be endurable , which lets us be easier to pass through hard time in emotional and psychological ways . For example , you will lose interest to live , if you become an old person overnight when you are young.

Gradualness , through bit by bit changes , hides the lapse of time and change of things , which makes us perceive everything and ourselves as remain unchanged . However , in fact , everything keeps changing all the time. For example , when walking down a very gentle mountain slope , we can not notice the degree of incline. Gradually , we unnoticeably reached foot from peak. ‘

In my work , clocks are showing current time at the first row , and those in next row are one minute ahead . My work is as a projection image in various sizes and contexts . It can be projected in a lift lobby as a waiting experience , on a mirror or shower glass door in hotel room , on a running water …

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by Otto Leung

Nowadays, taking a photo is very convenient, as most of us have our own digital camera. We needn’t go to studio to take a self-portrait or family photo. However, home many people have their own family photo? Did you ever have one before?

This project targets for the elderly who lives in the nursing home, many people would think that nursing home is the final destination where wait for dying. The elderly feel abandonment, avolition, losing attachment, helpless and hopeless. Indeed, nursing home institutionalization is a source of distress for many elderly people.

In order to satisfy their need of belongingness and love through their family, a family photo service is provided to re-construct the relationship among their family. Their children and grandchildren are requested to think about the memorable moment with the elderly happened in the past and make the theme and decorate their room as a stage to take a photo. Finally, the photo will be developed with special treatment and delivered to each of family member.

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Organ Donation – “Window of Good-bye”

by Kanas Leung

The Consent

In the room, where doctor or donoration coordinator discusses organ donation with donor’s family is also a “hand-over” boarder between family and patient. Once consent is signed, transplant surgical team will take over and transfer the body to operation room. And family will not be able to see the patient in physical form again. Time is critical and as well for family to make decision since the “goodbye” is too sudden and psychologically they might not prepare.

The objective of this project is to enhance family’s decision-making experiences in the discussion room, possibly increase the consent rate with patient’s presence and at last smoothen their tough experience after the decision-making.

Executions – “Window of Good bye”

A clean and decent room for discussion between doctor or donor coordinator and family is set up with multiple high-definition televisions mount on wall live streaming just like the window in ICU. Family will be seeing and hearing the sync of visual and sound like it is from next door. This co-existing environment shortens the distance between patient and family. And family’s decision would surely be affected under patient’s presence. After consent, family could have their choices to witness the “handover” within the room until patient left the ICU. Lastly, either such consent has fulfilled patient’s last wish or under family’s will, the family should be exhausted yet relieved in somehow. A small bottle of essential oil will be given to who attended in the meeting. This oil is created for nerve relaxation and to help sleeping, which they could use in either bath, light it as room scent or spray on bed. The purpose is to give all members a good rest after what have been through. In a spiritual way, dreaming might connect to their love one, once again.

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Website Project: Experience the Death and Recreate the life with Nature

by Sam Lam

by Sam Lam

Theme: Experience the Death and Recreate the life with Nature

Nature Sound:

Please listen to the above embedded natural sound while you are reading the following project information.

Project Description:

“不以物喜, 不以己悲, 念天地之空曠, 獨意念之寬慰.”
(范仲淹 – 岳陽樓記)

“Don’t be happy because of material; don’t be sad because of your emotion. Think about the endless space of the sky and the ground, only your widely mind can console yourself.”
(Fan Chun Yim – Ngor Yeung Lau Kei)

It had been a problem issue for human being to think about the meaning of life and how to tackle the issues and challenges during lifetime since ancient times. In modern times, our lives are faced with turbulent changing environment due to the globalization, technology advancement and conflicting of different social values.

Death is a big issue in life. Is death just confining to physical death? If people feel no meaning of life, hiding at home, stay away from people, feel lonely and spiritual emptiness, is it also close to death situation? Physical death includes the death of body and mind. People can still live when their mind are close to death. It is a serious issue in influencing the stability and development of our society and a fatal adverse effect to influence the life quality of people in modern times.
According to the information from Wikipedia, around 800,000 to a million people die by suicide every year, making it the 10th leading cause of death worldwide.
Therefore, this project is trying to contribute to help solving the issue of this social problem from an educational and experience approach.

Project Objectives:

• To get close to the natural environment and expose to the opportunity to link one’s own personal experience with nature.
• To experience the simulation of death and ritual purification process to encourage people to treasure their loved ones and reorganize their lives.
• To inspire people to recreate a meaningful life.

Project Nature:

• Educational Program
• 7 day workshop

Principal Experience Aesthetics:

It is a 7 day Experience the Death and Recreate the Life with Nature Workshop.

Some major experiences’ concept:

A) Chinese Death Meal
B) Ritual purification
C) Feast
D) Exhibition of personal creatures
E) Assure the recreate process

Target Audiences:

1) Organizational Partners:

• Coordinate with the social organizations e.g. youth associations, mentally problem hostel, Samarians Society, hospitals, charity organizations, drug rehabilitation etc.
• Business corporations’ sponsorship on Corporate Social Responsibility Corporate Program.

2) Individual Participants:

• Personal development program
• People which want to recreate their lives

Contact information:

Corporations, Associations or parties which are interested to sponsor this project are welcomed to send email to the following email contact and your enquiry will be treated with high respect and appreciation.

Email contact :

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B Box

by Vincci Cheng

by Vincci Cheung

For the Birth, I choose the Baby related items into my project. The main concept of B Box is: Memory with unique experiences, it is full of meaningful box for whole family over the time. I would like to transform the concept into the items which including in the B Box.

A gift that is personalized is always popular and show you really care. Especially for the parents, they really want to have something different which is unique for their Baby. It is not only for the baby, but also for family.

A sticker is a tree sharp with the high measurement. For tree shape, it can be link with a family tree. Family tree is a chart representing family relationships in a conventional tree structure traditionally. Family trees are often presented with the
oldest generations at the top and the newer generations at the bottom. Family trees can have many themes. When a new family member bored, they will be a new theme. The Family tree will be bigger.

Placing the Sticker on the wall or door, it is a kind of space for family to make unique memory. Though the sticker with height measurement, parents can keep checking kid height and mark their growth situation. This is over time experiences with the kid growth, also for whole family memory.

Hoping that B Box is more personalized, the B Box adds other accessories for assortment. Max and match with their own favorite, can be transform as a unique gift.

Overall, the B Box still has much potential in it and It can be develop different kind of possibility.

On 11, Dec 2012 | No Comments | In | By Cathy


by Candy Chan

Queuing is a very boring activity but we have to do it for some reason such as waiting bus. During this waiting period, we will doing many private activities in this public area. These public area become a private place during this shot period. “Line” is a device to reflect more clear how people create their own private zone.

Balloon always meaning related happy, fun and childish. Also, this is big, charming eye contact, attractive to watching it and find it; write on the info on the balloon is the easy way to present to other people.

Play with the line during waiting the bus, create the own private zone in the public area what ever during daytime and nighttime, there also give you new experience of waiting.

On 11, Dec 2012 | No Comments | In | By Cathy

Easy Backyard

by Leecat Ho

Hong Kong is such a high density place that the rental rate is among the highest in the world. Recently it even found that some car parks rent is even more expensive then housing! If you own a car park, why not be creative and make use of it!

“East Backyard” boxset can make your car and car park a private garden of yours! The box come with 12 pieces of lawns. They can turn your car rooftop into a green garden! A lot of Hong Kong citizens wish to have a backyard, but it is hard because of the limited space. “Easy Backyard” help you to fulfill your dream in a mini and creative way! Let’s turn the dull car park into a lively garden!

On 11, Dec 2012 | No Comments | In | By Cathy

The Vehicle Race

by Ricky Ng

by Ricky Ng

The initial idea of my semester project was derived from a mix of my personal and professional interest: I love speed, running, and graphic design.

We live in a world with signs, their connotations drive our conscious actions. Signs appearing in different scenarios remind us of our behaviour there. The vehicle race project was focusing on how the extra simulated road signs inserted into the running track can alter the running habit of oneself and the people in the same context; at the same time, generate new rules and regulations for a running competition.

This outdoor temporary intervention not only change the physical content of what is expected to happen in a sports ground, but it even change the predetermined concept of “the champion” in a run racing game. With the help of wearable “vehicle identities” that turn you to be a trunk, a taxi, a bus, a family car or even a speedy private car, you can mimic the actual vehicles on the road and behave appropriately in speed and momentum to compete for the champion of the new run racing game happened in the intervened running tracks with the “road signs”.

With the latest mobile technology, the running measurement apps, had been re-considered and employed during the development and test run processes. It contributed to the future development criteria on the new associated running apps with the vehicle race project.

On 11, Dec 2012 | No Comments | In | By Cathy

Hanging Around

by Kay Yip

by Kay Yip

I am always interested to explore the “unused” space in city. These space remind me of a Chinese phrase “無用之用” (the usefulness of the unuseful), it shows the intrinsic dilemma of the place like how they are being used? Is their existence already a kind of use? Therefore, I decide to transform an “unused” space by adding some feature on it.

I want to do some hanging on poles as I associated with the scene that residents in public housing estate hang their clothes, bedding even intimate wear in open area for drying & killing bacteria under the sun. This local domestic behavior is imprinted in my mind because of my long period living in public housing estate. I also see this as a nostalgia expression to my memory because such scene is less seen now with the new design of modern high rise public housing building and flats are now with metal hanging frame outside their unit on the wall.

I took several places and transformed them into a badminton court with simple add-ons including the bedding as net and tape as court line. I particularly do this in areas where the leisure facilities are available nearby so that my court can merge with them to serve as a whole package for the community. I feel a bit subversive and naughty while I was actually sticking the tape on floor, like children play and make use of what is available to entertain themselves. I feel like I was going back to my old days again.