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Experience is not what happens to you. It is what you do with what happens to you. (Aldous Huxley)

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By Cathy

Angress Li

On 06, May 2012 | No Comments | In | By Cathy

‘The Third Space displaced histories that constitute it, and set up new structures of authority, new political initiative, which are inadequately understood through received wisdom.’ The Third Space Theory, Homi Bhabha, 1990

WOW! – An expression of awe and surprise that can be construed as a positive feedback and reward to the entity that caused the emotion. The word is also understood to be an indicator of how enjoyable the personal experience is. In the world of experience-economy, with the massive development of personal devices, production of personal gestures is more important than other physical products. But how can it be elicited? In my case, the medium is ‘live event’.

A live events allows for unique customized communication because it provides first-hand experiences for the participants, and this personal participation becomes the key element in the process of ‘unwrapping’. Imagine the joy of unwrapping a present personally compared to being told what is inside the box. The former action can create a much larger impact. As only immediate interaction can create the WOW factor, the experience must be direct but with an element of surprise. For example, when celebrating a Chinese traditional event, using a Chinese dragon will be a direct approach, while the dragon coming down from the sky is the surprise. For the same event, if a giant rabbit comes down, participants will then need some time to react to the effect -‘oh, it’s the year of rabbit’.

My daily operation is to create ‘WOW-effects’ that can engage people with products (brands). The fundamental objective is to discover the relationship between the different realms and to seek the common ground between the two in order to create experiences that give rise to new ways of connections. These new receptions generate from the ongoing production of the original inventions. In the case of live events, the key is to perform with diverse perspectives and to adopt local strategies but re-present them with a twist.

Catering over 50 events per year, and being involved in the fields of client servicing, event/theme planning, technical support, on-site management, and event coordination, it is a must to be a result-driven event professional with solid and progressive experiences to overcome challenges. No great event can be completed with a solo-act, and as a team player I am strong in analytical and problem solving due to efficient organization and task allocation skills, while maintaining excellent rapport with co-workers and vendors at all time.

As Event Management professional (also known as Event Architect), I believe that the WOW factor is to hybridize the people and product. And a successful event is when each “WOW” can inspire participants to the ‘third space’. This third space however only exists when the ‘invention’ can be understood. Therefore, I believe that it is important to create live events that all participants can have a sense of involvement. Having the highest budget does not equal to the best outcome; Doing the right things to the right persons is the key to ‘WOW’.


Ms. Li graduated from the MVA (Experience Design) in summer 2013.