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Experience is not what happens to you. It is what you do with what happens to you. (Aldous Huxley)

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By Cathy

Vicky Lam

On 06, May 2012 | No Comments | In | By Cathy

Silence: one of the important notes in her song. It means a pause, then listen, take a breath and restart the melody again. The interval of silence makes the sound special. There is endless possibility after it. Length of pause corresponds with a particular note value, so as to her: every pause takes a new step which is important no matter it moves forward or backward……

Music starts: [Adagietto]

Grew up in a small family, observed how her mother worked hard from day to night to sustain the whole family, and the running tears of her mother year after year when thinking of her passed away father… The only thing a child can do to compensate a mother’s sorrow is trying best to perform to expectations. Self was always put second. The world was so simple and without great challenges.


Failed admission to the School of Design in university, continuing studies in a community college got her prepared for media-field work. In order to make a living and afford school fees, nonstop part-time job to full time job, life seems going on. She was so happy that she got into an interesting field. Although there were still many questions punched to her head, she chose to ignore the sound. Until one day, she interviewed a young artist about her own age. She visited her art studio and remembered how fascinating it was to enter the fabulous studio in JCCAC for the first time. There were lots of big attractive paintings everywhere: nightmare, naked body, the image of women, the red floral background, green face lady… it was her little art museum! She reminded her of childhood and adolescence memories.

She used to make a lot of handmade toys, handmade magazines and drawings when she was small. She used to be fond of art in secondary school and wished to learn more… Where was her dream? She kept on asking about what she was doing for the past years and years. She was familiar with everything in her present job and already felt comfortable in that field. Could she pick up the passion again? [Pause]


Everything emanates from the rest note. The questions did not erase from her mind. One day, she quit. She studied again in a not familiar area. At that year, she met a group of passionate classmates who showed her how strong ones’ passions towards new knowledge can be. To reorganize the life goal, to re-evaluate her role and to equip new skills, a new step was developed. Though everything was new and was not smooth, it also represented that some old skills had to be changed. She gained much new experience in that year: learnt dance and climb up to the peak of Mount Kinabalu, which were two things she would not dare to do in her old live.


New experience brings her to a wider world. To explore her limits is a strong motivation in her life. She would like to be a life experimenter. Art gives her a tool and different viewpoints to understand the surroundings: to find her own route through experiments, to explore her unknown part and understand how the world can be.

Dots are the basic element in graphics. You do not know what you draw when just started with a dot, but after completing several dots and looking backwards, you will know the dots are connected and interrelated. One has to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. That was her belief now.

Silence, it’s one of the important notes in a song, especially in her life.