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Experience is not what happens to you. It is what you do with what happens to you. (Aldous Huxley)

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By Cathy

Wyee Tsang

On 09, May 2012 | No Comments | In | By Cathy

I hope this is not the 20th statement you read.

Do you have the tendency to stop at your first good idea?

“Good is the enemy of great.” (Voltaire), thus: No way! However if the question was “Do you ever have the tendency to stop at your first GREAT idea?” the answer would be “almost always”.

Career Objectives
To be an outstanding creative director in arts and design field, and to contribute my expertise in education field

Personal Highlights
• Years’ professional, design and communications experience
• Worked at two 4As multi-national advertising agencies
• Wide exposure of fast growing social media tactics
• Solid experience in team leading
• Thinking in and out of the box

How often do you hold back from mentioning ideas for fear of looking silly or being “wrong”?

Thanks to my guru and education background. I believe new ideas might look “silly” or “wrong” and sometimes non-sense. Often, people like crazy ideas as I do. This is more brilliant than “this is the way it is”.

Vivid Education Background
My Bachelor of Communication degree in Digital Graphic Communication at Hong Kong Baptist University afforded me the ability to research and communicates coherently on a wide range of subjects. I gained strong foundations of communication theory and the application of new media technology over there, which I have applied in a professional advertising career for the past years.

Education Achievement
During the time of tertiary education, I showed great potential to my guru. As a result in the last year of study, I was honorable to get Dean’s List Award and Honors Project of the year from Hong Kong Baptist University. My sincere attitude towards study leads me to friendships with my guru until now in which we cherish it so much.

How many ideas do you tend to generate – good or bad – when tackling a project?

My answer is “I generated more than 25 ideas”. The 101st idea is creative may simply because the first 100 have been thought by others already. I extend this belief into creative projects with my clients.

Creative Big Brands
I worked in one of the biggest online advertising agencies in Hong Kong. I managed a team of six designers. In such a position, I was exposed to challenging managerial career and various big brands’ marketing communications projects. The projects include mobile applications, social media campaign, games, interactive websites, etc. Clients including but not limited to Audi, Smart, Citibank, Bank of China, DBS, PCCW, Ocean Park, Wynn Macau, Microsoft, etc. With my creativity, I was awarded two annual design awards from my company group.

Interactive and new media
Currently, I am lecturer in the department of Communication Design & Digital Media of Hong Kong Design Institute. Every day, I am exposed to teenagers’ creativity, energetic activities and fresh ideas which hint me to further my research and open up my mind for new challenges. My focus would be in new media and the interactive world. I believe the audience can be influenced easier if they are involved in the interactive experience process.

One fresh example is what you have just done with my creativity IQ test!